Lou Blankenship

As a full-time wife and Mom of three, with a degree and license as a Registered Dental Hygienist, owner/operator of ReClif and director of a non-profit was never where I expected to be today!

But, as often happens, life doesn't always go according to plan. After attending
the life-changing letterboard seminar and working with Reece as he learned
to communicate, my family became inspired as he planned out his vision. 
It was always apparent that Reece had been blessed to have many caring and hardworking individuals in his corner, but this has been proven even more with the launch of ReClif.  Since ReClif opened in February 2018, I have been impressed by so many individuals within this population that we serve and inspired to do even more through ReClif Community. I have always been the "cruise director" mom who planned parties, outdoor activities, learning opportunities & events, and now that my kids are grown ReClif Community is letting me use these talents on a bigger scale! I thoroughly enjoy watching sibling and family relationships strengthen during ReClif Community events and outings, and am excited to see the potential of what we can all do together to create a more accepting and inclusive community for everyone.